Ghost Hunters | Fun & Easy Printable Halloween Home Adventure Activity for Kids & Toddlers

Ghost Hunters | Fun & Easy Printable Halloween Home Adventure Activity for Kids & Toddlers

‘Ghost Hunters,’ as I have come to call this in my household, is a super fun adventure activity that you can play with your kids & toddlers and is very budget-friendly.  You can make this adventure as simple, or as complex, as you have time or wish to make it.  Being a big Halloween buff myself, I typically go the few extra steps to create a semi-immersive experience.

The concept is simple: Five ghostly apparitions have recently been spotted taking refuge in the house.  You are experienced Ghost Hunters and have been tasked with clearing the household of these paranormal pests.  Equipped with ghost-lights (flashlights), specially calibrated ghost blasters (foam dart blasters), and a ghost-proof trap (cardboard box), you will stealthily clear each room, stunning and trapping your ghostly targets.

Total Cost = Under $5

Essentials: Printer Paper / Construction Paper, Scissors, Tape, Cardboard box, Foam Dart Blasters, Flashlights, Markers / Crayons

Step 1: Print and cut out 5 ghost-coloring pages (or more depending on how many ghost targets you would like).  If you do not own a printer you can simply cut out your own ghost shapes and draw on any features, that you feel belong on a ghost, with a marker or crayon.

Step 2: Repurpose a cardboard box to create your own personalized ghost trap.  Use markers and crayons to decorate your ghost trap.  If you want to elevate your game to the next level you can use a toilet paper roll and a few 2-liter bottle caps to create a much more realistic ghost trap.  See below for some examples and step-by-step instructions.

Step 3: If you have kids it's a good bet that you already have a few flashlights and foam dart blasters around the house.  If so, great job, you already have everything you need and you are good to go!  If not, you can pick up some very inexpensive ones at your local discount store.

Step 4: Now it's time to hide your ghost cut-outs around your house.  If your team consists of mostly older kids you will want to be creative in your ghost placement for an extra challenge!  Hide a ghost behind a door, inside a cabinet, ceiling, floor, or even on your back!  The harder your ghosts are to find, the more fun the game.

Step 5: Now it's time to set the scene and create a proper ghost hunt.  Turn down, or off, all the lights in the house.  Now your ghostlights will serve a real purpose.  For bonus points play some eerie ghostly music on your stereo or smart device.

Step 6: Prepare your team. Hand out your ghost-hunting equipment. Give your best inspiring speech to your ghost-hunting team.  Give your team a name and give codenames to your team members.  Outline the action plan; find, stun, and trap your five target ghosts in your ghost trap.

Step 7: The hunt is on.