Holiday Chills has set out to create some of the most unique and terrifying horror Christmas Ornaments that you can find.  Everything is designed in-house with one goal: to give you the Chills.

Use our ever-growing collection of horror ornaments to give your Christmas Tree an extra bit of, much needed, spookiness.  For those that prefer Halloween, use them to decorate your Halloween Tree.

We set out to push, or blur, the boundaries of what can be considered a Christmas Ornament.  We also have done our best to set ourselves apart from other Ornament companies in providing the very best customer service. 

We know how disappointing breaking a cherished gift and much loved ornament can be.  While we cannot really fix broken glass ornaments we have covered every ornament we sell with a lifetime replacement warranty.  If you break it, we will replace it so that you can continue to enjoy Holiday Chills for years to come.