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halloween, halloween trees -

Halloween is traditionally celebrated by dressing up, handing out candy, putting up spooky decorations, putting an old creepy album on the record player (maybe this one is just for me), or even setting up the yearly Halloween tree. However, Halloween was celebrated much differently 2,000 years ago. Yes, the Holiday tradition goes back that far. Of course, back then it wasn’t actually called Halloween. Initially, it was called the festival of Samhain and was celebrated by the ancient Celtic people. Later, the Catholic church dubbed November 2 “All Soul’s Day. This was a day to honor the dead and was...

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christmas pickle, pickle ornament -

Many of us know about that old German tradition of finding the hidden Christmas Pickle ornament.  However, how many have any idea where this tradition came from?  Well, unfortunately (spoiler alert), the simple answer is we just do not really know.  There are two stories that come up again and again regarding possible origins to the holiday pickle.

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